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After School French and Spanish Language Clubs
for grades K-6

A great way for children grades K-6 to begin or continue their language learning journey! Not only is it a great extracurricular activity, but also meets a need for families who need after-school care!


Cost to participate is $30 per week for each club. We accept State Subsidy payments or private pay. Each club meets two times per week. Participate in one club or both! Payments are made monthly on the first of the month based on how many days the club will meet.  

If your child attends a local school, check to see if your child can take the school bus to get dropped off at our location! Students attending from Saint Louis Language Immersion School, we already have a bus stop! 

Register Now!

Register for the After-school French Club by clicking HERE

Register for the After-school Spanish Club by clicking HERE

Have any more questions?

Send an email with any questions to or call 314-802-7127

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