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What does a typical day look like at
Passport to Learning Language Immersion Center? 

Learn more about the different time blocks that make up our daily schedule

Learning Sessions

Learning sessions are based on language, literacy, math, science and social studies topics. One Learning session per day will be in the primary immersion language, and one learning session will be in English, prioritizing kindergarten readiness and literacy. 


Specials include art and crafts, music, physical education, and other fun topics for children to explore. One special per day will be in the primary immersion language (i.e. French), and one special per day will be in a  secondary immersion language (Spanish or Portuguese).  

Morning and Afternoon Meetings

These small circle meetings are a great way to start and conclude our day, talking about our feelings, the weather, our favorite things, reading a short story, singing a song, or many more options. The teacher guides the conversation to help students understand and interact in the target language. 


Students will be offered Breakfast, Lunch, and an afternoon snack each day. Meal time norms will be in the immersion language, allowing children to experience and talk about mealtime and foods in the immersion language.

Guided Play and

Free-choice Play

Active play and free-choice play is an important part of a child's development. Children will have various moments throughout the day to play, with a balance of teacher-guided games and activities and opportunities for free-choice play. 

Storytime and

Nap time

After playtime and lunch, children will settle into quiet time with a story (in any language) and nap time. Children will be encouraged to rest, but can also engage in quiet play if they no longer nap. 

Daily Schedule

7:30-8:00 AM         Drop-off
7:50-8:20 AM         Breakfast and morning playtime

8:30 AM                   Morning meeting
9:00 AM                   Learning session 1


9:50 AM                  Special 1


10:40 AM               Active outdoor play (Guided or free-choice)
11:40 AM               Handwashing

12:20 PM               Learning session 2
1:10 PM                 Bathroom/diapering/handwashing
                                 Storytime and Nap/Quiet play
2:50 PM                 Bathroom/diapering/handwashing
                                 Afternoon meeting and snack
3:20 PM                Special 2


4:15-4:30             Pickup

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