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Language Immersion Education

Current offerings : 

Full-day French immersion Daycare program
for ages 1-5


After-school Language Club
for grades K-6

Language classes for
teens and adults

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Give your little one the best start to language learning and bilingualism in French with this full-day program for ages 1-5. Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30pm

Read all about this program below!

Limited spaces available for 12 months-3 years. 

French immersion language club meets Mondays and Wednesdays after school from 4:30-6pm.

Spanish immersion language club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school 4:30-6pm

No prior experience necessary, and all language levels welcome! A great way for your child to begin or continue their language learning journey throughout elementary school! 


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If the club is at max capacity you will be placed on a waitlist

Now enrolling Online classes for :

Spanish for Adults

Spanish for Teens

French for Adults

English as a Second Language for Adults

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Interested in another course that's not currently offered?

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Interest form for Teen Classes

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French, Spanish, and Portuguese

Interest form for Adult classes

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Group classes will be organized with 4 or more participants. 

Now enrolling our

French immersion daycare classroom!

4 new placements added for ages 12months-2 years! Contact us now to inquire about these limited placements! 

This program is a great fit for children ages 1-5! At this early age, children are always looking for meaning in words and interactions. Rather than causing confusion, it actually creates connections with what they already know and are learning at home! This really is the perfect age for children to be immersed in a multilingual environment! 

French as the primary program language !

In this classroom, French is established as the primary language of communication with the teacher. You'd be surprised how quickly these little ones adapt to the French speaking environment and accept French as the primary language of communication! Within the first days and weeks children begin to show comprehension of the language within the context of the daycare routines, and they start to repeat and respond in the French language!

Spanish and Portuguese as secondary program languages!

As children show a readiness to learn, play, and communicate in French each day, we will also incorporate  enrichment activities and games in our secondary program languages : Spanish and Portuguese. These lessons are implemented throughout the week to help children develop their knowledge and familiarity with these important languages spoken in our community and around the world! 


English for clarification, connection, and kindergarten readiness! 

English is also an important language of our program. English is used to provide clarification when necessary, for connecting with children in what may be their native language, and for setting children up for success in kindergarten! 

Language targets : 

  • 60% targeted communication in the French language (including directions and routines such as arrival/departure, mealtime, cleanup, playtime, games, etc)

  • 20% targeted communication in English prioritizing literacy and kindergarten readiness activities

  • 20% special language enrichment activities in Spanish and Portuguese throughout the week (reading books, storytelling, singing songs, games, etc). 

Request more info or schedule a tour!

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Natural language acquisition through guided activities and play

We facilitate language interaction through :

  • storytelling

  • organized play

  • music

  • mealtime interactions

  • American sign language, gestures and expressions, giving choices

  • and many more strategies that support language development 

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